Thursday, September 06, 2007

Infringing, Moi?

We've occasionally shared photos of bad fakes on this blog. This French website has some great photos of appallingly shameless Trademark infringements.

Here's my latest favorite (unless of course Google is indeed branching out into fragrance):

Exploding Phones, worm-infested chocolates and Chisco

In the last week we've seen news on exploding fake Nokia batteries in India. According to The Indian Cellular Association more than 75% of the cell phone batteries sold in India are fakes. Even more disturbing was this news clip of Taiwanese brand chocolates that turned out to be counterfeits that had a filling of moth larvae. [warning: not for the squeamish]. Finally, a new term: Chisco - which refers to the ever-increasing appearance of counterfeit Cisco equipment from China. This article gives a convenient "how to spot a fake" guide.

Here are some images: